Executive Coaching

Individual Coaching

Service that assists managers in accelerating their development in line with organizational needs and priorities. This includes high-potential individuals, as well as those needing development in one or more key competencies for their position. Coaching also supports recently appointed managers with integrating into their new role, providing a platform for thinking through various challenges and opportunities. Coaching programs are developed in consultation with the individual’s immediate supervisor, in line with organizational expectations.

Coaching Circles

Service that assists small groups of managers with their individual and collective development. In today’s evolving workplace, there is an increasing demand for leaders to be able to work collaboratively, to be able to frame issues in new ways and to be able to ask the right questions rather than have all the answers. Coaching Circles provide leaders with an opportunity to develop these new skills while working with a group of peers experiencing similar challenges. Participants will reflect, explore and learn, while supporting one another in action.

Team Synergy

Helping natural teams to function at their full potential through increased cohesion, alignment, coordination and engagement. Supporting the team’s leader in driving the ongoing continuous improvement of the team.

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