Career Management and Transition

Equipping individuals with impactful strategies :

  • Quality guidance customized to the reality of each person
  • Knowledge of diverse industries and sectors
  • Positive and engaging approach

Talent Assessment and Selection

Providing support to senior leaders in making informed decisions with:

  • Relevant and timely processes and protocols
  • Precision and rigour of results
  • Attunement to the organization's context and issues

Executive Coaching

Accelerating the development of senior leaders and their teams by:

  • Clear and business-relevant objectives
  • A flexible, customized approach
  • A positive mindset of continuous improvement

Organizational Development

Promoting engagement and synergy to drive business performance:

  • Clear insights into organizational challenges and opportunities
  • Understanding to the organization’s context and issues
  • Identification of winning strategies driving continuous improvement

COVID-19 : Our Operations During the Pandemic

Close to 60 professionals at your service

Six offices across Quebec and the Ottawa region

Expertise and professionalism in all of our mandates

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